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What is an Appliance Data Tag? and Why is it important for service repairs? Home Appliance Repair Refrigerator Repair.

A few months back my sister in La. called. She explained that she had to call for service for her refrigerator. She said the refrigerator was not staying cold and the freezer was too cold.

She continued saying how she called and spoke with the service provider, and started to describe her refrigerator. A whirlpool side by side with the non-marking stainless steel exterior, crisper control, with 3rd draw...

Data tag Information

After waiting patiently for my sister to finish, the person on the other end of the call asked her to take a picture of the Appliance Data Tag showing the model number with her cell phone and send it to them. They said that on most refrigerators this Data Tag can be found stuck to the left or right, inside the refrigerator. She found the tag and sent the picture of the Data Tag to them and they were able to get all the information they needed to fix her refrigerator, Right from that tag. Examples of some of the information available are, the date the appliance was made, sometimes the city or factory. Some will even tell you what line the workers built your refrigerator on. From this tag, you can know exactly what parts, colors, and features your appliance was designed with.

But my sister wanted to know what A Data Tag is.

An appliance Data Tag is an information label affixed to an appliance at its time of manufacture in the factory. All appliances, commercial and residential have this identifying information tag added at the time of manufacture.

specification about appliance
Data tag

There is useful information on these tags. A model and serial number are just some of the needed information to service your appliance.

Yes, it is true, It seems each manufacturer put their tags in different places. Sometimes even on different models. But with a little looking with a flashlight they can usually be found.

Being able to provide a picture of your Data Tag with an accurate description of the problem can in many cases enable a service tech to be prepared to fix your appliance the first time out.

An example is if you call requesting service and say my refrigerator doesn't work and you can not get your model number. That first service call is mainly to diagnose the problem and get accurate Data Tag information to be able to get the correct replacement parts.

Whereas if you call and say my 10-year-old ice maker hasn't worked in a couple of months and if you can give me your model number, I will come out with an Ice Maker part in the hopes of being prepared

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