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Is Flood Prevention the only reason to change your Clothes Washer's water supply hoses? Home Appliance Repair Clothes Washer.

Although it is very important to change your clothes washer hot and cold water supply hoses as per the manufacturer's direction, usually every 5 years, to help prevent the hoses from bursting and causing water damage.

Hose has a bulge. is about to burst
Clothes washer Hoses

"According to State Farm Insurance Statistics, washing machine hose failures cause approximately $170 million in damages to homes in the United States & Canada annually."

But this is not the only reason to check your hoses.

These hoses often have a screen

the screen inside washer fill hoses
washer hose screen

in them to protect the washers' water inlet valve

water inlet valve lets water fill washer
washer fill valve

from debris that is found in all municipal water systems and their associated plumbing systems.

This debris in the water system gathers in the screens and builds up slowly, or sometimes fast.

dirty screens inside water inlet valve
detailed picture

This can obstruct the water flow to the clothes washer causing a slow fill which means a longer wash cycle. Many of the newer machines can detect this reduced water flow and will give an error code Slow Fill.

Home Appliance Repair clothes washer

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