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Does anyone know the most neglected piece of Commercial Kitchen Equipment? Home Appliance Repair Refrigeration Repair

It is called a Condenser.

Evaporator inside cooling and heating equipment
Cooling evaporator

Most Commercial Kitchens have between 9 and 12 of these often hidden pieces of cooling equipment. As a unit, a condenser will include a refrigeration coil that air is supposed to flow across removing heat, A fan motor and blade to move that air, and a control to turn the fan motor on and off.

Condensing unit used in cooling units

Over time these coils get plugged up with dust, dirt, and debris. Often cooking grease will coat the coils blocking all air flow.

Dirty condensor used in cooling units
Dirty Condensor

This is very bad for the equipment, If it cannot give up the heat already collected it can't collect any more heat. Your compressor will just run longer and longer. Using more electricity all the while cooling less and less. Over time the built-up heat will break down the oil and premature compressor failure is guaranteed.

The good news is that these can be cleaned. but it's not easy and requires extra care or you will do damage.

You can do it, to some extent yourself, but this is one of those task best left to a professional. You will be applying very caustic coil cleaners. Fumes should be expected. Rinsing should always be done - even if the cleaner says no rinsing is needed.

a dirty evaporator before cleaning and a clean evaporator after cleaning.
before and after

Most neglected condenser coils will need many applications to remove years of grease and dirt.

There are specialty equipment made just to clean and rinse this type of equipment. They are portable Condenser and Evaporator Coil Cleaning systems.

Coil jet evaporator condenser cleaning.


This is what I will use to clean your Condensor Coils. Home Appliance Repair Refrigeration Repair Cedar Rapids Marion Hiawatha Newhall Palo

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