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Failure to clean the dryer (34 percent) is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires. Home Appliance Repair Dryer Repair

Yes, Something as simple as having your Clothes Dryer taken apart and cleaned, and checked for signs of fraying wires, Blocked Air Vents, Worn Bearings/Rollers, and Belts can save you from trouble.

Inside the Dryer

Lint is the biggest culprit here. As you know from cleaning out your lint filter, dryers produce very large quantities of lint. Most people assume their lint traps catch all the lint, and that all they need to do is clean them out after each load. However, a significant amount of this lint is not caught by the lint trap and builds up inside the dryer-even on the heating element! If you are skeptical, try this experiment: pull out the lint trap and look underneath it- you may find large mounds of lint staring at you. Lint can build up on the heating element and in other places inside the dryer, causing it to overheat and possibly catch fire. As a rule, a fire starts from a spark in the machine. However, improper clothes dryer venting practices outside the dryer can play a key role in this process.

Outside the Dryer

Dirty plugged Dryer vent
Dryer vent
Plugged and Dirty dryer vent
Dryer Vent
Clean Dryer Vent cover
Dryer vent cover

A A Clean and Clear Dryer Vent is important for many reasons - Fire prevention is just one of them.

A clean dryer vent will enable the Clothes Dryer to work efficiently, using the least amount of energy to dry your clothes in the shortest time.

One sign or symptom of your Clothes Dryer venting becoming obstructed is the clothes taking a longer time to dry, coming out hotter than usual, or the vent hood flapper (on the outside of the house) not opening.

A well-maintained clothes dryer can come in many forms. Whether the homeowner does the work themselves or hires out. It is just one more thing to be thinking about.

Heavy lint build up inside clothes dryer
Heavy lint Buildup

This is a real dryer, This is how most 2 - 7+-year-old dryers look on the inside. If you have pets, especially so. I touched the lint on the heating element housing before I thought to take the picture. It is scorched - one step from fire.

The lint inside dryer caught on fire
dirty inside dryer

The lint in this dryer caught on fire
Dryer fire

These pictures are from a job I did this week. This Cloth's Dryer did catch fire! Thankfully the fire went out after burning some of the lint So I guess it is possible to have a dryer fire and not know it.

Home Appliance Repair Dryer Repair Cedar Rapids Marion Hiawatha Palo Newhall

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