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When was the last time you had your furnace cleaned? Home Appliance Repair Furnace Repair

With the colder weather that's coming, everyone is encouraged to get their furnace cleaned and maintained. A little preventative work now can save on an expensive repair in the cold of winter. This is a really simple thing to do. But It will require a couple of things, a good shop vac, Some bristle brushes, and a flashlight. You will have to remove the side panels on your furnace. Once you have access to the inside, Just take a look with the flashlight. If your furnace is the same as most, you probably have a fair amount of debris. You might be shocked to find dead mouse remains. You will want to use the vacuum to suck out as much of that stuff as you can. Pay extra attention to the blower wheel. It really can be hard to get a good look without removing the blower assembly. Blower wheels get plugged up quite often and dramatically affect the airflow. While you are here it is a great time to check the filter and vacuum any dirt out of the filter housing. I provide a furnace preventative maintenance package that includes everything mentioned above Plus several diagnostic tests including checking and cleaning the flame sense rod, (The single leading cause of furnace service calls) and Checking the Blower motor capacitor, (The second leading cause of furnace service calls) I will also check blower motor current draw. Then after everything is clean and put back together, I will check your furnace fuel burning efficiency using a combustion analyzer.

This furnace blower wheel is plugged with debris
Furnace blower wheel

Dust can build up on the motor blocking motor cooling
Furnace blower wheels

The first picture shows the blower motor cooling vents plugged with lint and debris. This is what causes these motors to go bad. The cooling air vents get plugged, and then the motor starts getting hot. When there is an accumulation of debris on the Blower Wheel itself - this causes the wheel to be out of balance and will quickly damage the motor bearings.

A clean furnace is a happy furnace. Home Appliance Repair Furnace Repair Cedar Rapids Marion Hiawatha Palo

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